CCTV & Security Camera Installation Perth

The importance of security in business cannot be stressed enough, with the safety industry seeing massive investments over the last couple of decades. This is mainly due to the sensitivity of the information handled by some of Australia’s largest corporations, together with the impact that stolen data and infrastructure has on the entire country.

It is clear in industries such as healthcare and power distribution, that stolen cables lead to a lack of power in mission-critical facilities. According to us, this is simply unacceptable, which is why we now supply and install some of the world’s most sophisticated industrial and commercial security solutions.


Specialist CCTV Installation

CPR Electrical Services is licensed to consult, design, install and maintain a select range of CCTV and security systems. CCTV systems are essential to monitor safety and production, as well as improve efficiency and help protect buildings and equipment from external threats. We currently provide this service to a number of our industrial and commercial clients.

*Security License Number: 45073


Security Camera Installation and Maintenance

While installation remains the foundation for any reliable security system, it is the ongoing maintenance that ensures optimal functionality throughout the year. With a relevant electrical maintenance program plan from CPR Electrical in Perth, your commercial security cameras will be impossible to breach, working effortlessly for days, weeks, months and years on end. That is the real power of CCTV – the ability to have dozens of extra eyes that never miss a thing.


Safety Starts Here

At CPR Electrical, we believe in maintaining Australia’s reputation as one of the safest countries in the world. This means that we’re willing to go out of our way to install and service high-end security solutions that have a known reputation and superiority. We invite you to learn more about our commercial security systems directly from a safety specialist on (08) 9356 6355 right now. You can also contact us with an email at or by leaving us a message.

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