Newly completed Build at Bidfoods Malaga.

Results of CPR Electrical’s Expertise
Optimal temperature control in cool rooms and freezers, preserving the quality of Bidfood product
Strong electrical grid and backup system for uninterrupted operations
Quality electrical work that can be relied on to support Bidfood’s operations
Bidfood, a leading player in Australia’s food distribution industry, needed a new facility to meet its expanding operations. Spaceframe Buildings was commissioned to construct a 10,000m2 building tailored to Bidfood’s specific requirements.

The build included several critical areas: a commercial butchery, chiller, freezer, dry store, and an office area. CPR’s support included a comprehensive electrical install and assisting Bidfood in relocating their equipment.

To find the right company, Bidfood recognised the need for an experienced and professional organisation that could provide the assurance their move would be seamless. They needed a smooth operation to ensure their operations, supporting some of the biggest names in WA’s hospitality industry, would not be interrupted.

Electrical Expertise

After research and internal review, CPR Electrical was brought on board to ensure the electrical work would be completed to the high-quality Bidfood needed. Our reputation and demonstrated electrical expertise were key to our success in winning the Bidfood project.

Getting Up and Running Quickly with CPR Electrical’s Support
Once Bidfood engaged CPR, it was all green lights until the finish. CPR’s 20 years of experience enabled our team to deliver quality electrical work that saw Bidfood’s new facility open in just six months. This impressive turnaround demonstrates our dedication to meeting tight schedules while delivering quality work.

Quality Assurance for Ongoing Operations
Like all businesses, ongoing operations depend on the consistent supply of resources, one of the most important being power. For Bidfood, it’s the most important of all. To provide a secure electrical supply and peace of mind, CPR Electrical carried out the following key work:

Refrigeration Package Supply: CPR Electrical provided a substantial 300 amp supply to the refrigeration package, ensuring optimal performance and temperature control within the chiller and freezer areas. This is crucial for Bidfood’s storage requirements, preserving the quality of their products.

Building Supply: An 800 amp building supply was installed to cater to various electrical demands. A robust supply is essential to power the various equipment and machinery needed for Bidfood’s operations.

Backup Power: A 650 Kva backup generator was integrated into the electrical system to guarantee uninterrupted operations, even during power outages. Having a backup power source adds an extra layer of reliability to Bidfood’s operations.

Distribution Boards: CPR Electrical installed nine distribution boards strategically throughout the facility, ensuring efficient and organised power distribution to different areas. This meticulous planning contributed to the overall safety and functionality of the facility.

Lighting and Power: CPR Electrical handled all lighting and power requirements, ensuring the entire facility was well-lit and equipped with sufficient power outlets to support Bidfood’s operations.

Seamless Relocation
When it was time for Bidfood to move facilities, CPR Electrical assisted with the disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of Bidfood’s existing machinery. This added a layer of complexity to the project, but our team executed this task precisely, minimising downtime and ensuring a smooth transition for Bidfood.

Smooth Sailing with CPR Electrical
Since moving facilities, Bidfood have had no issues with their electrical system. The quality of CPR’s work continues to support their operations day in and out without any disruptions or faults.
As a national supplier many Australian venues rely on, we needed to deliver on our promise of high-quality electrical solutions. Our team displayed our expertise in every aspect of the electrical installation, ensuring Bidfood’s facility was fully equipped to meet its operational needs. We look forward to supporting their ongoing growth and expansion.

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