Newly completed Build at Bidfoods Malaga.

Spaceframe Buildings, commissioned by Bid Foods, constructed a 10,000m2 facility tailored to meet diverse operational needs. This comprehensive building comprises a commercial butchery, a spacious chiller, a freezer, a dry store, and an efficient office area. The electrical installation intricately includes a 300amp supply to the refrigeration package, an 800amp building supply, a robust 650Kva backup generator, 9 strategically located distribution boards, and extensive lighting and power systems. CPR Electrical played a pivotal role in facilitating the disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of existing machinery, contributing to the seamless execution of the project.

CPR Electrical emerges as the preferred choice for projects of this nature due to extensive experience, technical expertise, and a proven track record of successful project deliveries. CPR Electrical commits to innovation, reliability, and safety. CPR Electrical’s ability to seamlessly handle intricate electrical installations and contribute to the smooth execution of multifaceted projects underscores its dedication to tailored solutions. Clients can trust CPR Electrical to bring unparalleled proficiency to every project, ensuring top-notch electrical solutions aligned with specific operational requirements.


  • Completed within an impressive six-month timeframe.
  • Demonstrated efficiency and commitment to deadlines by CPR Electrical.
  • The installation involved the integration of diverse electrical components.
  • CPR showcased precision and expertise in handling existing machinery.
  • CPR Electrical played a crucial role in the project, handling the electrical installation.

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