Inauguration of VV Walsh: State-of-the-Art Meat Storage Facility in Bunbury

VV Walsh in Bunbury proudly introduces its state-of-the-art meat storage facility, featuring cutting-edge technology to maintain temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 2°C. This brand-new 5000m2 facility was meticulously designed and constructed by the CPR Electrical Team. From conceptualisation to completion, the CPR Electrical team played a pivotal role in both the design and construction phases of this project. The facility boasts a robust 2MVA power supply, ensuring a reliable and efficient operation.

CPR Electrical stands out as the ideal choice for projects of this nature due to the unparalleled combination of experience, technical prowess, and dedication to client satisfaction. The commitment to innovation, reliability, and safety has solidified its reputation as an industry leader. Clients can trust CPR Electrical to bring their visions to life, ensuring seamless integration of electrical systems in any project. With a proven track record, CPR Electrical remains the go-to partner for those seeking excellence in electrical design and construction.


  • CPR Electrical spearheaded the project, serving as the driving force behind its successful completion.
  • Over four months, these professionals exhibited unwavering dedication, working tirelessly to bring the project to fruition.
  • The project serves as a testament to CPR Electrical’s commitment to timely and quality project delivery.
  • The seamless integration of design and construction processes further underscores CPR’s capabilities in executing complex projects.
  • The facility features a sturdy 2MVA power supply, guaranteeing operational reliability and efficiency.

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