Recycling Plant Installation for Eco Resources

The CPR Electrical team was tasked with the Installation and commissioning of a new recycling plant that takes general construction waste and separates the metal and Light material ready for hand sorting. The plant consists of multiple conveyors, shakers and blowers. The plant stretches approximately 80m in length and has a running load of approximately 400 amps.
The plant is run off a 400KVA generator and is designed to have a sequential start to reduce the maximum current draw during start up.
All cabling was supplied as SWA and installed on cable tray and plant structure.
MCC was supplied and commissioned by Metroid electrical engineers, an eastern states electrical company that works with Skala throughout the country.


  • This project was completed on time with no variations.
  • CPR Worked closely with the Skala to plan the installation of specific areas while it was being constructed to reduce the total duration of the project.
  • We had Zero incidents, accident or near misses during this project.
  • Commissioning was completed without issues due to the extensive testing completed by CPR employees.
  • CPR now continue to service and Maintain the new plant for Eco Resources

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